Y'all know about the spot tonight, right? https://t.co/qgYriLOtjv
RT @theTroubadour: Set times for tonight's @TwinForksMusic show: doors @ 8 / @socialanimals @ 8:30 / @danlayus @ 9:15 / Twin Forks (ft… https://t.co/wOpKjEr7iY
Southern California! We're here! Orange County tonight, Hollywood tomorrow and San Diego Sunday. Time to weekend about it.
California! We're coming for your sun. Thinking we'll stay all week. https://t.co/3KrE7kN8i8 for dates.
Now we're home for a few days and we've got the West Coast coming up next week. Can't wait!
Another great run of dates in the books. Still so glad to see everybody out after all this time.
Tonight at @ThaliaHallChi in Chicago! https://t.co/VlV8KTO9PY
We had such a great time in Columbus last night. Braving the rain to make it to Ann Arbor today
Warming up for our show tonight in Columbus at A&R Music Bar. https://t.co/Pm6U78Fs5i
We're having an amazing time on the road&we're each giving away 3 songs at https://t.co/KEuSjuMJOH -Vinyl coming so… https://t.co/f6I8bf6mM6
Welcome to Episode 1 of KB and CC... more episodes coming soon! https://t.co/7XK8yOlDBK
You should dress for the shirt you want not the shirt you have
RT @promowestlive: ONE WEEK til @TwinForksMusic w/ @danlayus & @SocialAnimalsA at @AnRMusicBar on 4/28! Tickets:… https://t.co/8E6n19aCww
RT @rocknrollhotel: In just two days @TwinForksMusic will be here on 4/23! Get tickets https://t.co/bhaCsSn968 (doors 7pm, $18) https://t.co/L8wfdOpIaV
Warming up last night in NJ, the @folsomrecords tour with @danlayus and @socialanimals has begun! Tix + more info:… https://t.co/1rKUjoRlEk
RT @MidEastClub: We're excited to have @TwinForksMusic downstairs tonight with @danlayus @socialanimals!! 6:30pm / Tix available at… https://t.co/tlLJWxsMGw
RT @danlayus: Happy Day-Day everyone :-) I'm @mideastclub in Boston tonight, alongside @twinforksmusic & @thesocialanimals for th… https://t.co/F8Q8y6NZtg
Kicking it off tonight at @HOIAsburyPark in Asbury Park, NJ! Who knows what'll happen... bring your requests!… https://t.co/0GYG8R201h
@MartinGuitar @dashboardmusic thanks @MartinGuitar! Will we be seeing you on the @folsomrecords tour?
RT @danlayus: First week of the @folsomrecords tour 2017 begins NEXT WEEK! with @twinforksmusic @thesocialanimals & myself, tix:… https://t.co/UtVuohIu4s
West coast tickets on sale now... Check out https://t.co/3KrE7kN8i8 for dates and tickets! @folsomrecords… https://t.co/pf9qa6nf7N
Tickets on sale now... Check out https://t.co/aGi1SaCDIR for dates and tickets! https://t.co/hkW5oArvtv
Its official! The First Annual Folsom Records Tour is born... Come out and join the family! Here is the first leg…… https://t.co/cQ6ZKwIPzM
Welcome to the family https://t.co/HbzU4zuOBU
Good song! Good shirt!! https://t.co/VHiZmzfIvA
US fans! Get our album for only $6.99 on iTunes as part of the Dine Alone Records Label Sale. https://t.co/UHMeah4K4N
Here is our version of Guy Clark's "The Cape" https://t.co/FfdqT3HhpC
So sad that Guy Clark has passed away, he was one of my musical heroes. Another giant is lost. We covered his song 'The Cape' not long ago.
Limited edition “#RSD16” cassette available tmrw (4/16) at 11AM EST: via @dinealonemusic: https://t.co/R3iJMrRHii https://t.co/vNDsfESfxh
RT @ChrisCarrabba: It's with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to my friend. Rest in peace Jon. I love you. https://t.co/ptSsdaqyxl
Our song "Cross My Mind" will be on GRANDFATHERED tonight! 8:30PM EST / 7:30PM CST https://t.co/iJO5JZUhTn
RT @NoCountryNash: We are beyond thrilled to premiere a brand new track from @the_narrative, "Moving Out" - https://t.co/3DBMRACls4 https://t.co/5ocvt5Zy1D
Our label Dine Alone Records released a lullaby album! 100% will be donated to SickKids! https://t.co/HtGmhxm6xQ https://t.co/nDYr5GMrGi
@tadegroot nope.
Listening to some new tunes we've been working on... https://t.co/oZEdqBDdfs
@buzzywoo love it!
RT @ChrisCarrabba: At UFC 191 #UFCNashville with @XChadballX! Thanks for getting these tix Chad! http://t.co/IlfDBmYapL
"I have to wear a tie? It's gonna look strange with my hoodie" @JimGaffigan
So our baby girl @saraellenmusic has a solo show @TheBasementNash opening for @SamLeeRock Monday at 7pm. Go show some ❤️ because #loveisreal
@Savior_kitty Yeaz! Thanks for spreading the word!
#nashguitars tele and @PowellPeralta combo. https://t.co/WU3O6EhM5m #riptheripper
@witchyhoe it's ok, they're on the way!
RT @folkandtumble: Just checked who has bigged up Tay-Tay. So far that’s @bearsdenmusic, @WillieWatsongs and @TwinForksMusic! http://t.co/SVscds0gUn #archives
A new record is in the works. Here's a little look inside. https://t.co/4AyexG692k #loveisreal
Beyond excited for #BATB8!!! go to http://t.co/JC6xjaEYLk and watch it live right now! S.K.A.T.E.
Check out Chris talking about the Emo Revival on @NoiseyMusic! http://t.co/XxtFvHlah8
RT @dinealonemusic: WIN a VIP Meet & Greet with @ChrisCarrabba of @TwinForksMusic June 25 in #Detroit! Details: http://t.co/YBrzzbPf6c http://t.co/EM8xbcUXoS
It was a fun one! “@mattw1217: This @TwinForksMusic cover of "The Great Unknown" by @JukeboxtheGhost is so great. https://t.co/TjXucpBUeS
RT @dinealonemusic: WIN a VIP Meet & Greet with @ChrisCarrabba of @TwinForksMusic June 19 in #NYC! Details: http://t.co/Q34kyAq8qi http://t.co/K3STt5KFao
RT @ReignedUsIn: Win a chance to meet @TwinForksMusic! "Back To You" #Reign https://t.co/PHqDBLIbVc
.@DineAloneMusic is travelling Canada in their #WaxOnWheels mobile record shop! Details: http://t.co/wD2wh5Az6I
@Ginga_Snaaapppp @blakeweids word up thank you!
@ShawnZorn is doin it up on some new tunes today. Really pumped about the new record we're working on! https://t.co/I1o62G6uMh
RT @dinealonemusic: Check out @TwinForksMusic's "Cross My Mind" in this heartwarming @AIRMILES #Smiles4Miles video! https://t.co/qQmmeZs697
Letterman. What a legend. Who saw the top ten? Unreal.
RT @HiveGirl: Enjoying the Sunshine! @TwinForksMusic @ChrisCarrabba #LoveIsReal http://t.co/cGakuctRTp
RT @brian_mansfield: 7 songs you might've missed this week incl. @ChrisYoungMusic @OwlCity @NickFradiani & a Prince cover by @TheDAngelo http://t.co/hKDYdb5rsI
RT @CountingCrows: Congratulations to @NickFradiani for winning American Idol with a song by our pal @ChrisCarrabba @TwinForksMusic @DashboardConfessional
RT @AmericanIdol: CONGRATULATIONS to our Season XIV winner, @nickfradiani! YOU DID IT! #IdolFinale
RT @grand_social: TONIGHT! It all goes down @starlight_wloo featuring @TwinForksMusic! 19+, $18 advance tickets, doors open 8pm! http://t.co/JKp1RHd6qv
RT @CountingCrows: I hear @Nickfradiani is playing my pal @ChrisCarrabba’s song on Idol TONIGHT! Vote & buy ‘Beautiful Life’ on iTunes! http://t.co/2gLpEhCfEe
@emilybabyy see you soon!
Thanks brother! It was fun timez! “@KnuckleBuckTime: @TwinForksMusic you guys are deadly! Really enjoyed that set from up in the balcony."
Finishing up some new tunes in the hotel tonight and rewarding ourselves later with some chicken wings.
Pumped to be back in Winnipeg tonight! Come hang out with us at The Good Will and get weird. Sharing the stage with Cassidy Mann!🍕🎉
Thanks so much! Great 📷!!! “@LastGrlStanding: @TwinForksMusic opening for @CountingCrows sheer awesomeness http://t.co/2BN3bQB36f
Yo free stuff. Just email twinforksmusic@gmail.com “@ClintCart: @TwinForksMusic Whats that email address you mentioned during the show?"
@LBradz haha us too!
Love it! “@katie_fadely: Just a little @TwinForksMusic art #CantBeBroken #TwinForks http://t.co/HQMdfaxhNx
Opening for @CountingCrows tonight in Saskatoon. Pumped to be out here with these dudes.
This dude! Best of luck to @MannyPacquiao tonight! http://t.co/G6v2dIzVoi
Canada, we're coming your way with @countingcrows https://t.co/HjAftKBzy3
RT @BSHQ: .@corybranan plays live on your computer (and mobile) screens today 2PM CT on @audiotreemusic: http://t.co/pfQumeJcL4 http://t.co/hE5GMaE0jp
We're back at it. @ShawnZorn on them traps. https://t.co/V9kkGGWKq0
RT @FsfJosh: Had the best time celebrating the life and times of @ChrisCarrabba . Happy birthday buddy! http://t.co/Qd5fk3x0uv
@matkearney it was good times. Let's get a Nashville hang going soon.
.@palmtreekth Ya'll were the best! @matkearney is killing it right now! http://t.co/duA3XIHEvi
RT @ChrisCarrabba: @KelzBaron doing it up today on a new @TwinForksMusic jam. https://t.co/pgrnCmmdaI
RT @MTVNews: Watch @taylorswift13 and her BFF Abigail *scream their lungs out* alongside birthday party crasher @ChrisCarrabba: http://t.co/BlcNKF73ir
RT @taylorswift13: The Surprise - The Finale @abiander @yelyahwilliams @ChrisCarrabba http://t.co/Jh4nOgv2kE
Finally got to see @SylvanEsso live last night in Nashville. Terrific people, terrific show. @dinealonemusic http://t.co/qzi6Euw8bH
Had a great time in the round @TinPanSouth! http://t.co/3uPczuh4Gs
Nashville people might want to be keeping an eye on the Twin Forks facebook page at 1pm CT today...
@danbuckley @Lightning100 http://t.co/K6b0jbkjfu 100.1 FM http://t.co/hzjWvujVHp
Listen to @Lightning100 at 11am CT for a LIVE Twin Forks interview & performance! http://t.co/RgU33GarVP or tune into FM 100.1 in Nashville
Tune into Lightning 100 tomorrow at 11am CT for a LIVE Twin Forks performance and interview. 100.1 FM or http://t.co/RgU33GarVP in Nashville
Workin on some new tunes https://t.co/x6bJEgtRzS
RT @MusCornerNash: Enjoying @TinPanSouth? Don't miss our round Saturday w/ @ChrisCarrabba, @andrewripp and more http://t.co/S6u3CWoDgn http://t.co/V0awg59cDK
Check out our boy @Corybranan's new 3d video! http://t.co/Ve9zES9MUJ @RScountry
We really do have the best fans. #loveisreal https://t.co/4omuN217wW
So are we! RT @RT_Colin: If all my summer is is driving around with the windows down jamming out to @TwinForksMusic I'm 100% ok with that
And if you haven’t already email us at TwinForksMusic@gmail.com for a free EP
please tell some of your friends to give Twin Forks a chance! The rest of it was just stuff. So happy to still have you.
Friends of Twin Forks, I am truly grateful for your kind offers to help. Thank you for caring. If you want to help,
Let's have fun tonight Tennessee!
So sorry to miss the last two shows of the @luceromusic and @RyanBingham tour. We had our van broken into in Washington. Big loss for us.
Tonight's about to get crazy Washington D.C!
Can't wait to hang in Baltimore tonight!
Today is the day Wilmington!
RT @WCLatTheQueen: Just released more balcony tix for @luceromusic, @RyanBingham, and @TwinForksMusic tomorrow night! Go get em! http://t.co/pePQHcvp4k
Looking forward to seeing you all at @TheNationalRVA tonight!
Very excited for tonight Chattanooga!!
We just made 10k followers today! Thank you guys so much for your support! 😘
RT @mbcrapo6867: @TwinForksMusic @HOBHouston http://t.co/8JTBktUp4J
And.... the crowd and the STAFF(!) treated us like rock stars. Thank you!!
Our amazing whirlwind run through Texas ended tonight with a fabulous crowd at house of blues Houston -
Let's have some fun tonight Houston!
Happy birthday @LBradz!!!
Today's the day Dallas!!
Can't wait for tonight Austin!
First show of the tour in Texas tonight!
Very excited to be playing in Baton Rouge tonight!!
What color is this bus? http://t.co/yEJRpYLfwD
Check out our feature in @redandblack http://t.co/tyJaVn6fe4
Can't wait for tonight New Orleans!
Jackson, MS!! Let's hang tonight!
@DSmithImages Got some great shots in Birmingham. Thanks Brother! http://t.co/vqs3fF0BhY
Let's have some fun tonight Alabama!
"Kiss Me Darling" via @OnAirstreaming http://t.co/pcgwjksrT5
RT @IronCityBham: TOMORROW! @luceromusic & @RyanBingham hit the stage with special guest @TwinForksMusic (feat. Chris Carrabba). Tix: http://t.co/4bOzRia47n
Get excited Atlanta!
It took hunting with a flashlight but I finally found @RyanBingham! Next. The Sasquatch. http://t.co/i0T7Y3nqgS
Here we go Georgia!!
RT @blakeells: I talked to @ChrisCarrabba of @twinforksmusic about Florida punk rock & the birthday gift he once gave Jon Bon Jovi. http://t.co/37mMHUHpDQ
Great shot, thanks Lauren! RT @MrsFarinas: My hometown friends @TwinForksMusic http://t.co/cEW1dpXBgf
Anyone in Tampa coming out to our show tonight?
RT @ChuckRagan: Heyo Florida! My friends @luceromusic & @TwinForksMusic are in your neck ofthe woods with @RyanBingham I'm sure you know how great it'll be
So excited to see my SFL gang coming out to Ybor City tonight! And gonna see my life long best friend @danielbonebrake tonight!!
So excited to see my SFL gang coming out to Ybor City tonight! And Gonna see my life long best friend and @danielbonebrake tonight!!
Ready for Jacksonville tonight!
Let's go Charleston!!
Just managed to write a song in a moving vehicle and have it NOT be a road song.
It feels really great to have a band we love like @luceromusic not only take us on tour, but watch us play and root for us. Total class act.
Our show tonight with @luceromusic and @RyanBingham at the @VisuliteTheatre is SOLD OUT! Can't wait to see y'all!
Strangin' up the guitars for tonight's sold out show in Charlotte with @luceromusic http://t.co/xbLyHPWex4
Getting pumped for @CatsCradleNC tonight!
RT @CatsCradleNC: Our show tonight with @lucero, @RyanBingham & @TwinForksMusic is now sold-out.
Had a good time talking with @mxarts the other day. Thanks! http://t.co/hvRfi1DMpD
Anyone get a chance to check out this live video of "Back To You" from @OnAirstreaming ? http://t.co/2rudnyXFkj
Who's ready Asheville??
Getting ready to kick off our tour with @RyanBingham and @luceromusic this week!!
@LBradz just some covers for now but who knows :)
Working on some tunes for record store day. http://t.co/Lf0bWjjV7c
Anyone remember when this little acoustic performance was featured on @peoplemag ? http://t.co/DjVDwwD6dx
RT @CatsCradleNC: @TwinForksMusic fans, the show on Wednesday 2/18 is on place to sell out! Click for tix: http://t.co/frt9ZbP18o
Thanks to @OnAirstreaming for having us the other day! Check out some of the live videos from our session here: https://t.co/marDFHfu8X
Spending the day writing a song with @corybranan. Good times. http://t.co/wxMRzJcHia
Anyone grab some tickets for our Canada tour with @CountingCrows ?? Check out the dates here: http://t.co/clwGEphiPi http://t.co/S0WvOQdvrF
RT @930Club: LOW TICKET WARNING for @RyanBingham and @LuceroMusic with @TwinForksMusic on 3/14! http://t.co/k7tnUUqwNI #LuceroBingham930
One more week off before we hit the road with @RyanBingham and @luceromusic !! http://t.co/bg517B1jpu
Congrats to @yelyahwilliams for winning a @TheGRAMMYs tonight! So happy for you! #GRAMMYs
RT @FerrarisDani: Promoting @TwinForksMusic from one sharing of earphones to the next sharing of earphones. #twinforks
We've had a blast on tour with @JukeboxtheGhost ! Now onto the next run with @RyanBingham and @luceromusic !
Thanks @JukeboxtheGhost and @secret_someones for the rad times. Hope to see y'all again soon. http://t.co/5izBjYFtIU #loveisreal
Ready for tonight Phoenix!
Thanks for having us @JasonRantzShow ! #KissMeDarling http://t.co/ExSkIYBuEc
We are soooo excited to be hitting the road with @CountingCrows this spring in Canada! Check out the dates here: http://t.co/clwGEpQvlW
Happy to be here Los Angeles. Who's excited for tonight?
Show's tonight San Francisco! Can't wait!!
#TBT to our headling tour a few months back. Great interview with @AliciaAtout http://t.co/bqa5WnILdh
RT @secret_someones: Thank you, @BlueStarDonuts, for feeding us on tour! 😍 Love, @secret_someones @TwinForksMusic @JukeboxtheGhost http://t.co/Qf2xbwGQZa
Pumped to be in Portland tonight with our friends @JukeboxtheGhost and @secret_someones!! http://t.co/K2aFX9Jc44
Portland, who's ready for our show??
RT @Kolbyfitz: Got to meet Chris Carrabba last night! He even took a picture of my tattoo! #twinforks #loveisreal… http://t.co/7XqaCFW1Cd
@Miss_Murder221 see you tonight
What a review from @PreludePress ! And some great live pics too!! http://t.co/eBrGO43QPV
RT @thecrocodile: Tonight's @JukeboxtheGhost @TwinForksMusic and @secret_someones show is officially SOLD OUT!
Let's have some fun tonight Seattle!
RT @secret_someones: SEATTLE! We are here! Crocodile Cafe TONIGHT at 7pm with @TwinForksMusic & @JukeboxtheGhost! http://t.co/igruqu1vFV
SLC!! We can't wait to see you all tonight!
@phillipharman thanks for coming!
RT @prettyandfun: As a former Dashboard Confessional obsessed teenager, I'm pretty excited to have discovered @TwinForksMusic this week http://t.co/dd7yrogUFj
@caitlinmcatee thanks for coming!
RT @milaeger05: I've had Kiss Me Darling by @TwinForksMusic in my head all day today. I've also had a super pleasant day. #causeandeffect
Denver, you ready for a good time??
@Aesthetic_Mag got some great shots from our show in Chicago! http://t.co/rwu9j8QGId
Our drummer @ShawnZorn has a birthday today! Show him some love!
@fxck_fronzak thanks!
RT @stephaniemduffy: "Follow the signs, right back to you, back to you. I know they wind, right back to you, back to you. Time after time." @TwinForksMusic
We're so close to 10k followers, tell your mama and your friends to give us a follow. We appreciate y'all!!
Nice to meet you too. Good times! “@M_Skaggs23: Holy shit. I still maintain that @TwinForksMusic is unreal. Nice to meet them all.”
Ha! That's what's up. “@AnthonyWEHM: .@TwinForksMusic Gas station sushi tonight = canceled gig tomorrow...”
Lots of tough decisions to make on tour. Whether or not to get sushi at a gas station is up there with 'em. http://t.co/cty7wp2iUS
Excited for our show in Nebraska tonight!!
@jayzpdiddy13 see you soon!
@Case_HCbros we will work on it!
Minneapolis it was real!!! Thanks for the shot @statusfearmedia! http://t.co/m4itr78R9x
Get ready for some fun tonight Minneapolis!
Such a great moment! #HandsDown http://t.co/F8al9lwzif
@JasmineSwayze come on! Let’s do it!
@kristiboyd glad you dig!
It's nice to be on the road with my cousin @ShawnZorn cause he remembers the names of our distant relatives when they come to our shows.
RT @ImShmacked: "Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that." #MLK | #MLKDay
Anyone get a chance to download our split with @JukeboxtheGhost ? It's FREE! Web: http://t.co/tqEuJzP5h6 Mobile: http://t.co/EV8kDBRbkQ
@foxesandlattes @BetaRadio That’s an awesome mom!
@4ever_brilLIAM great pic!
RT @KillTheKage: "Whistle when you're walking past the grave yard, even the dead deserve a song" @TwinForksMusic #backtoyou
RT @dinealonemusic: .@TwinForksMusic + @JukeboxtheGhost covered each others' tunes on their new tour split! FREE download here: http://t.co/bZ87kBs0P6.
something something DANGERZONE
Love is real. Sometimes, though, love is about two people enjoying the fact that they hate the same shit.
RT @JukeboxtheGhost: SUPER EARLY SHOW TONIGHT AT @MetroChicago ! THE KILLA @secret_someones kick things off at 6:30p followed by @TwinForksMusic and 👨👦👱!!!!
Getting ready for Chicago tonight!
St. Louis y'all were the best! Can't wait to come back! http://t.co/9iyzHpxZtK
Hey St. Louis! Who's coming out tonight?
@LBradz @JukeboxtheGhost ha! You should see these dudes live. They kill it!
@ronlewhorn thanks for that. Makes all the difference in the world for us to hear those kind words.
RT @JukeboxtheGhost: We covered @TwinForksMusic and they covered us!! Download for FREE here http://t.co/H5eUubhP6v
@LBradz glad you got it to work. It was so much fun covering our new tour bros @JukeboxtheGhost. Their version is killer.
@adazzle0502 yo so it's @secret_someones 730, We're at 820 and @JukeboxtheGhost is on at 930. Hope you have a good show cousin.
So excited to be releasing a split with our tour mates @JukeboxtheGhost ! Download it for FREE here: http://t.co/99BuFMyxea
RT @m_glaes: STL TONIGHT WHO'S READY TO SING/DANCE/PARTY?! @JukeboxtheGhost @TwinForksMusic @secret_someones
@elena_hughes we are definitely coming back. Y'all were terrific! ❤
@elena_hughes hey thanks for that. We had the best time 4 realz.
Can't wait for tonight Indianapolis!
“@lavituskollin: Hey @TwinForksMusic, y'all were awesome at @BeachlandCLE tonight! http://t.co/cKsMNSQaX2 hey thanks! We had a great time!
Alright Cleveland, who's excited for tonight??
RT @JukeboxtheGhost: TOUR HAS BEGUN! Come hang w us tonite in CLEVELAND w @TwinForksMusic & @secret_someones / tix: http://t.co/8nc7NoQqGh http://t.co/clodE8l9tN
RT @TaftTheatre: Don't miss @TwinForksmusic when they join @Luceromusic + @RyanBingham on 3/15! http://t.co/tFhaKludkt
Headed to Cleveland. Looking forward to seeing old friends and making some new ones tonight. #loveisreal
@musicmaven37 those are such kind words. Thank you 😘
“@TroelsWilliam: do you get a digital download when you purchase the clear vinyl? Just can't wait to listen!” Yep, vinyls come w a download
Noooooo! Call in sick! “@lilxclurr: Sadly I think I'm gonna miss @TwinForksMusic on this tour :(”
“@dotcomllc: Schedule for the tomorrow show?I'm Bringing a pregnant wife and don't want to piss her off." Ha! SS 8, TF 9 and JTG at 10pm
@secret_someones and @JukeboxtheGhost killing it! http://t.co/6VC5GieMJX
@TroelsWilliam hey! Here's a link to the online store, see if that helps.. http://t.co/4lk6iXoxXt
“@dverwolf: @TwinForksMusic Where in Grand Rapids will you guys be?” We're at Calvin College Ladies Literary Club. Pumped!
“@LBradz: @TwinForksMusic Kill it guyssss. <3” thanks babe!
Today's the day Grand Rapids!
Pumped to be on tour with @JukeboxtheGhost and @secret_someones! See if we’re coming to a dockside bar near you: http://t.co/dGcMT034Ub
All you gotta do is come to a show. We're always hanging out after. “@farishahishak: @TwinForksMusic I really wanna meet you guys 😭😭”
Looking forward to hitting the road in a few days.
@aubsbands yes and yes! Please come say hello!
@foxesandlattes freaking love you too!
Anyone have our album from @amazon ? Check it out! http://t.co/IgpgV5mqZJ
RT @dinealonemusic: TOUR: Next week, @TwinForksMusic kick off the first leg of an extensive 2015 touring schedule! Check dates: http://t.co/Vn93Zm93lJ.
Awesome live video from our show in Louisville! #stolen http://t.co/DqFSau5uhd
@NicoleJFournier thanks for the love!
RT @mokbpresents: Next Week 1/15 @JukeboxtheGhost are coming to @OldNatlCentre w/ @TwinForksMusic and @secret_someones! Get tickets > http://t.co/MZ5w2Je9UH
RT @arujenu: Kiss me darling #TWINFORKS
@foxesandlattes sounds like a good soundtrack to us! Appreciate the love!
RT @24tix: Due to it's overwhelming popularity, the 1/24 @JukeboxtheGhost / @TwinForksMusic show has moved to @thecomplexSLC. All original tix honored.
@aandshewas bring on the selfies!
@abbie709 Thanks Abbie! Appreciate the support!
RT @JukeboxtheGhost: Hitting the road soon w/ @Twinforksmusic @Secret_someones @littledaylight ahhhhh http://t.co/TqbIGx7o97
@Jenvin25 thats “Skateland South” by our good friend @Corybranan
Our boy @fsfslk didi it! Jumpman Returns: Florida arcade champ busts all-time 'Mario Bros.' world record http://t.co/FKKJBRc1np
@caleblovely killing it @thewhiskeyjam http://t.co/8cz39deK7B
RT @dinealonemusic: .@TwinForksMusic is the face of @Spotify's Folk-Pop Playlist. Listen here: http://t.co/gmHeoXLNmK
The flu...then pneumonia. Finally some of this. http://t.co/zYsm1nf9t4
Still think this lyric video is the coolest. http://t.co/DKWiGl7o6r
Rad pic from Toronto this summer. Thanks Stephen! http://t.co/fDYpQUIVd0
Check out this little guy singing along! So Cute! Thanks for posting Paul! http://t.co/INLsU6quHH
New year. New tours. New music. Welcome to 2015!
Start off the year right with our self-titled album! http://t.co/23PsGcWHDo
RT @MartinGuitar: Thanks for a great year @ChrisCarrabba @TwinForksMusic! Cheers to 2015! #martinpride http://t.co/BxEtXroFqY
RT @savannah_js: My parents surprised me with a suitcase looking record player! So this morning, I'm spinning @TwinForksMusic 🙌 http://t.co/McPycAjzbE
Excited to start the year out right with @JukeboxtheGhost ! http://t.co/HrCoT0VIwm
Anyone get Twin Forks music or gear for Christmas??
Who's ready for some shows with @luceromusic and @RyanBingham ??http://t.co/HrCoT0VIwm
To say this past tour with @CountingCrows was amazing would be an understatement. http://t.co/eMFbvILOaF
#TBT to our cover of "White Christmas" and a merry Christmas to you all! http://t.co/AjcgqH2syt
Make sure to remember #LoveIsReal this holiday season!
Last minute gift? We've got a ton of tour dates coming up in 2015 . . so grab some tickets! http://t.co/HrCoT0VIwm
RT @kuciFM: .@TwinForksMusic "Cross My Mind" never fails to make me so happy! Now on @kuciFM as part of my Best of 2014 Show! http://t.co/c7MTwO0kSD!
It was good times! RT @KristinAnnaT: @TwinForksMusic From the Madison show. #awesomemusic http://t.co/CKolgCcOWR
RT @dinealonemusic: Beauty shot of @TwinForksMusic featured in @RollingStone's Hottest Live Photos of 2014: http://t.co/58IRnZKfzp. http://t.co/MINv5nR2Ga
Anyone had a chance to check out our self-titled on @amazon 's Caroline Records - Best of 2014 list? http://t.co/mR5aOwg5j4
Yo Check this out! http://t.co/zhfLz4uR3P Thanks @RollingStone!
We've got a little break in shows until January ... and then our tours with @JukebotheGhost , @RyanBingham , and @luceromusic begin!
If you're into drums our boy @ShawnZorn setup a drum cam the other night in Madison. Peep it: http://t.co/qpFtqQhWKp
Thank you @yourfriendelle for including us on your Top Songs of 2014! #ScrapingUpThePieces
Can't wait to see you all in Iowa tonight!!
Our album made it into @Amazon 's Caroline Records - Best of 2014 list! Check it out here: http://t.co/4g5fs7UjJv
RT @dinealonemusic: Both @BRONCHOband and @TwinForksMusic make @CarolineMusic's Best Of albums via @Amazon! See more: http://t.co/8RWY74qS81
RT @CountingCrows: PS. If u send an email to twinforksmusic@gmail.com & put MUSIC in the subject line, @TwinForksMusic will email u back their EP for FREE!!
RT @CountingCrows: Last show of the year is Tuesday in Davenport, IA at The Adler Theatre with @ChrisCarrabba & the amazing @TwinForksMusic. Who's coming?
Have you seen our video for "Can't Be Broken" yet? http://t.co/zRcse0vLAW
RT @JukeboxtheGhost: Grab tickets to our 2015 tour here!! #JTG2015 @TwinForksMusic @secret_someones @LittleDaylight http://t.co/fsAftv2PwN
Get ready for tonight Wisconsin! We can't wait to see you all!
Oh, hello there ... http://t.co/XIbCLElPYV
@mnargelenas we usually hang out by the merch table after our set. Come say hello!
Can't wait for our show tonight at the Murat Theatre!
RT @ElNilo16: We have one pretty happy fangirl this holiday! Thank you @TwinForksMusic it was a great time in #Guelph #LoveIsReal http://t.co/b14fwDj1KR
Any of you signed up to get email updates from us? We've got a lot of exciting stuff coming up next year! http://t.co/skmY4Ok5K0
@LvillePalace tonight!!
RT @highsmusic: Sweet, sweet reunion w/ our radiant friends @TwinForksMusic playing w/ @CountingCrows tonight. #Detroit #roundhere http://t.co/IS423FheXs
RT @CountingCrows: See us at The Fillmore tonight and watch Dan's continuing attempt to steal @ChrisCarrabba 's new Martin gtr. It's shameless but entertaining
RT @CountingCrows: I woke up in Detroit today. Playing The Fillmore tonight w/@TwinForksMusic . I really love this tour. You will too! http://t.co/pLdwaYNe0m
Can't wait for a good time in Michigan tonight! Anyone coming out?
Loved playing over in the Netherlands. Check out this acoustic video from @3FM ! http://t.co/mh6xKxipGe
Time for some fun Indiana! We'll be at the @FWEmbassy tonight with @CountingCrows
Who's ready for a good time tonight in Warren, Ohio! We can't wait to see you all!
RT @CountingCrows: RT @travisrwaters Dude from Twin Forks sounds exactly like @ChrisCarrabba #DashboardConfessional THATS CUZ DUDE FROM @TwinForksMusic IS
RT @ChrisCarrabba: Tonight is the maiden voyage of my new custom @MartinGuitar and also the first night out with our friends @CountingCrows!!! #loveisreal
Tonight is the maiden voyage of my new @MartinGuitar and also the first night out with our friends @CountingCrows! http://t.co/xFwTRD4VMW
Illinois! Who will we be seeing tonight at the @PeoriaCivicCntr ?
So when I say I need you and I'm never gonna stop, Believe me 'cause I mean it from the bottom of my heart ... http://t.co/6JFvgH3sH1
We'll be touring all over the U.S. next year. Make sure you get tickets and come out to one of our shows! http://t.co/HrCoT0VIwm
RT @939theriver: At 7:45am WIN @CountingCrows w/ @ChrisCarrabba @TwinForksMusic & qualify to meet both! The #RiverTicketWindow http://t.co/
Hey @CountingCrows , you ready for next week? #SomewhereUnderWonderlandTour
BLACK FRIDAY SALE!! Head on over to @amazonmusic to get our album for only $5! http://t.co/tqRBxZl6C0
From time to time, you cross my mind #Pie
Happy Thanksgiving to you all! We are so thankful for all our fans and we can't see you all in 2015!
Showin off the ink. http://t.co/6HZn202Ly3
Excited to hit the road with @CountingCrows for their 'Somewhere Under Wonderland Tour' next week! Anyone have their tickets??
Why you gotta be so mean? http://t.co/6LQqYQUlBb
Amsterdam! Who's ready for @BitterzoetAdam tomorrow? Get your tickets now!! http://t.co/SrBfH89iQz
Make sure to get your tickets for our tour with @luceromusic and @RyanBingham next year!! Check out http://t.co/clwGEpQvlW for more info.
RT @ChrisCarrabba: Two shows to choose from in my hotel. Children backing empty tractors into a row of hay, or a live feed of karaoke. I'm …
Excited to play to you all in Rotterdam tomorrow! Get your tickets here: http://t.co/uGUBx2XRXo
RT @CONFRONTMag: Our new artist spotlight features a band everyone should get to know better - @TwinForksMusic! http://t.co/IMAelZFLGW http…
Anyone had a chance to download our album from @amazonmusic? It's only $5! http://t.co/tqRBxZl6C0
Love the cover and the hat ... http://t.co/lKTm68ToiW
Our Canadian friends @TreasuresBand are playing the 5 spot in Nashville tonight! Let's go have a good hang!
Can't wait to see everyone at all our upcoming shows. Make sure to say hi! http://t.co/clwGEpQvlW
Thank you Canada! We had an amazing time playing for all of you!!
It's the last show of our Canada tour tonight @Imperial_Van. Come hang w us and @northcotemusic and @highsmusic!!! http://t.co/CZTs3z0P9Q
Last show of our Canada tour tomorrow! Anyone coming out to @Imperial_Van ? http://t.co/CZTs3z0P9Q
Calgary! We'll be playing at the Republik tomorrow and tickets are on sale here: http://t.co/lCG8wcuptc
RT @rickyleesavage: Thanks @antonatienza!! So nice! #treatyoself http://t.co/R71uUnhwOk
Excited to play at the @theCommunitea tomorrow! Tickets are still available! http://t.co/NCKTVVWVYD
Who's ready for our show at the @StarliteRoom tomorrow?? http://t.co/tY5oE5KocD
We're playing at the @myparktheatre in Winnipeg tonight! Come hang out! Tickets available here: http://t.co/kd4f3xB3jO
RT @ChrisCarrabba: Our friend @allisonweiss's band was in an accident and could use your help. Read about it and find out how to help: http…
Anyone headed to @theExchangeLive tomorrow? Get your tickets NOW! http://t.co/WIzlmym8v1
RT @theExchangeLive: Check out the video for @TwinForksMusic's "Cross My Mind". They're here Nov 12 with @northcotemusic and @highsmusic. h…
We'll be playing at the @myparktheatre in Winnipeg tomorrow! Tickets available here: http://t.co/kd4f3xB3jO
RT @AUXTV: PHOTOS: Twin Forks at Lee's Palace http://t.co/VYRJ4BTvJy @TwinForksMusic @ChrisCarrabba http://t.co/RCc9ZYdoo9
It's Sara from Twin Forks' birthday! Everybody be sure to wish @saraellenmusic a Happy Birthday today!
Day off in the Great White North! Anyone have suggestions on how we should spend it?
Tickets are still available for our West Coast Canadian dates! Up next us Winnipeg on Tuesday. Check the site for dates. We'd love to hang.
It's Kimmy Baron from Twin Forks' birthday today! Everybody be sure to wish @Kimbaronsisters a Happy Birthday today!
Next stop: Call The Office in London! You can still get tickets here: http://t.co/zumWio7TPN
RT @larvalungs: Twin Forks (@TwinForksMusic) | Lee's Palace | Toronto More photos will be up on @AUXTV on Monday! http://t.co/ozCZ0w63RA
We wanna see your pictures from all our shows on this tour! Don't forget to tag us. #LoveIsReal
Toronto, we're headed your way tonight! Who will we be seeing at @LeesPalaceTO? Tickets are still available here: http://t.co/cuL6Yzz4SC
RT @justshowsTO: WIN TICKETS to @TwinForksMusic tonight at @LeesPalaceTO ℅ @COLLECTIVECON http://t.co/mh9OSHPQxL Follow us & RT to win!
Check out the video of our performance at @CTVOttMornLive the other day! http://t.co/ryfQIp6aYD
RT @dinealonemusic: READ: @TwinForks' @ChrisCarrabba opens up to @LeaderPost about following his instincts and starting the band. Story: ht…
We're excited to see everyone at Le cabaret du Mile End! It's not too late to get tickets!! http://t.co/DIvb0O9cao
Don't forget we have our self titled album available in limited edition vinyl! http://t.co/XV4Ap4tsQ9
RT @dinealonemusic: Rise and shine, #Ottawa! Tune into @CTVOttMornLive at 9:45am EST for an interview and performance from @TwinForksMusic.
Our tour in Canada begins tonight! Who will we be seeing over these next few weeks?
So excited to be visiting @CTVOttMornLive tomorrow! Don’t miss our interview and performance at 9:50 EST!
We'll be at @vge_Guelp tonight! You can still get tickets here: http://t.co/nxD4rfJDJ2
RT @northcotemusic: Guelph tonight to kick off tour with @TwinForksMusic and @highsmusic! Happy to be back with the band. Tickets here: htt…
We've got shows in Guelph, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, and London this week! Get your tickets NOW Canada! http://t.co/clwGEoZHXK
RT @DstrctGuelph: Grab your tickets for tomorrow night's @TwinForksMusic show here --> http://t.co/0AgMmNPdvK #guelph #livemusic
Our good buddies in @CIVILIAN_sounds just put out a great new live video! Check it out: http://t.co/K6pcSoSJV5
Happy happy Halloween!
Tickets are now on sale for our tour with @Jukeboxtheghost and we want to see you all there! Get your tickets here: http://t.co/clwGEoZHXK
RT @dinealonemusic: TOUR: Just a few days until @TwinForksMusic returns to Canada for a headlining tour! Ticket bundles: http://t.co/hBTn1Z
RT @annettegeneva: Ain't no party like a @TwinForksMusic party as the #twinforks Halloween party don't stop haha 🎶🎶🎶 http://t.co/xmHKHPxPXR
#TBT to having a great time with @audiotreemusic http://t.co/u6nXt9kva3
Again, y'all really are the best fans anyone could hope for. Check out this festive offering from @amysue348: http://t.co/ApaonbTzwG
What cities should play in next year? We want to meet each and every one of you!
Check out the website for the list of dates we'll be doing with @Jukeboxtheghost in January! http://t.co/clwGEoZHXK
RT @ChrisCarrabba: Last warm day in the south! Next... Canada! http://t.co/sszjUGb6u5
One week from today our tour in Canada begins! Don't forget to get your tickets! http://t.co/clwGEoZHXK
@TheJessicats supporting us or @taylorswift13 or @HaveMercyMD all sound like great ideas. We’re just happy to know your gonna come hang!!
Nice little bit and some pics from our show opening for @thescript in NYC. Thanks @CrypticRockcom! http://t.co/U7w6dgGFmG
Canada we’re coming for you soon! Guelph, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, London, Winnipeg, Regina and lots more! Dates: http://t.co/clwGEoZHXK
2014 has treated us well so far. Excited for what the rest of it holds!
It's time for the weekend! Taking a little break before we hit the road . . .
Cheers to our fans! We love you guys! http://t.co/orKx87RneO
We’re truly excited to get back to Canada this Nov. and hang out with @northcotemusic and @highsmusic!!! Dates: http://t.co/clwGEoZHXK
If you still don't have our debut album, download it now! http://t.co/WWNQYAZTC4
Love the name! "@proguerra: My @TwinForksMusic themed fantasy football team is strolling halfway through the season! http://t.co/2QK5ZArUc6"
Thanks for the play! RT @DavidDurant: The perfect upbeat track from @TwinForksMusic to start @UTRLiveSessions podcast http://t.co/1IsLimARYg
RT @MusCornerNash: Check out these photos from our 10/18 #Oktoberfest event feat. @TheDeltaSaints @TwinForksMusic @TheVespers + more! http:…
@Bekah__x Friends 4ever! its gonna be rad times! 🎉 🎷 📷
@Bekah__x well we’re friends so you won’t be alone!
@Robfrenzy Thats a bummer. Let us know if they can’t get it sorted.
@Robfrenzy love it! We need to get one of those @Fromindianlakes ones too. great album art. @VinylMePlease
So often people are misunderstood. Read this article about our good friend Adam Duritz from @CountingCrows. http://t.co/6j5svbHXKQ
@Bekah__x sounds like we need to get you some new friends! Hope you make it!
New music is coming together quite nicely. Looking forward to sharing it with you guys!
Catching up on #ModernFamily and #Flash this glorious Sunday.
@SirGaryMichael Working on it bro! been playing some of the new tunes live when we get a chance.
Good times! RT @eringuz: Hangs with @twinforksmusic at Musician's Corner. Beats doing homework, that's for damn sure. http://t.co/UDUPF4mtuX
RT @MusCornerNash: We're so thrilled to have @TwinForksMusic perform at #MusiciansCorner today! http://t.co/gN2EcV6mNs
Excited to be out at @MusCornerNash today!
@RickWall23 4pm
Is anyone coming out to #MusiciansCorner @MusCornerNash today? See you at 4! #LoveIsReal
Hey Nashville we're on at 4! Come hang out! http://t.co/k544XY0xBC @RickWall23
RT @FillmoreDetroit: ON SALE NOW @CountingCrows w/ @TwinForksmusic on December 9th! Tickets: http://t.co/HzbHpps0S4 http://t.co/B10NvnJ2fm
RT @CountingCrows: Tickets and VIP packages for our 'Somewhere Under Wonderland’ US December run with @twinforksmusic available now at http…
RT @WannadoLocal: @MusCornerNash @TheDeltaSaints @TheVespers @TwinForksMusic @kinkador @runningroots @myochimusic Pumped for Saturday! http…
#tbt to our first ever music video for one of our favorite songs http://t.co/C5JOFN8Deq
RT @MusCornerNash: Saturday's #MusiciansCorner lineup includes @TheDeltaSaints @TheVespers @TwinForksMusic & @kinkador http://t.co/4Z9eRssl
RT @ChrisCarrabba: Everyone please watch my friend @gerardway on @ConanOBrien tonight. He is as good a dude as he is a singer! http://t.co/
@garfbridgo Word up! It’s gonna be good times! @northcotemusic @highsmusic
This Saturday we’ll be up in Centennial Park in Nashville playing a free acoustic set. Should be fun times - http://t.co/u9YRLaLiBq
RT @CountingCrows: Somewhere Under Wonderland tour this December in the US with @TwinForksMusic http://t.co/cvMLQg9KDA code: WONDERLAND
RT @ChrisCarrabba: Hey our friends @CIVILIAN_sounds have a great new EP out, for free! "Truth, Like Love, Is Hard to Find": http://t.co/MZH
RT @CountingCrows: Somewhere Under Wonderland tour rolls on this December in the US with @TwinForksMusic http://t.co/Y1XEeqyn5G code: WONDE…
Hey Canada we’re coming back in November with @northcotemusic & @highsmusic and we want to go to hang town with you. http://t.co/clwGEoZHXK
We'll be on the road with @CountingCrows from 12/4 - 12/16 and we couldn’t be more PUMPED! Dates: http://t.co/clwGEoZHXK
RT @ChrisCarrabba: New from my life long best friends @newfoundglory!!! Check it out: http://t.co/gPiU5Gk5xi
RT @CIVILIAN_sounds: Our new EP is out and you can get it for FREE by following the link to @NoiseTrade in our bio! "Truth, Like Love, ... h…
November is almost here! Make sure to get your tickets for our Canadian tour dates. http://t.co/clwGEoZHXK
We are so excited to announce that we will be on the road with @CountingCrows from 12/4 - 12/16! Click to see dates! http://t.co/clwGEoZHXK
We are so excited to announce that we will be on the road with @CountingCrows from 12/4 - 12/6! Click to see dates! http://t.co/clwGEoZHXK
RT @butchwalker: By the way Canada, you can now pre-order the album on @iTunesMusic http://t.co/Nds4siUXnf
RT @amysue348: Twin Forks is perfect Friday music. @TwinForksMusic #TGIF
RT @trentmonk: Such a great day writing with these brilliant fools! Thanks @BartMillard and @ChrisCarrabba http://t.co/8rjC9Br7P1
RT @northcotemusic: Full band tour w/ @TwinForksMusic in CAN in less than a month! Tix avail: http://t.co/dkXHMHkWh5 http://t.co/Ff3yUDmHhI
Check out these great photos by our pal @PhotosByCM from The Social in Orlando! http://t.co/rr1cYQi9e1 http://t.co/wFytowhOdv
Yo @PhotosByCM hooked it up! Check out these photos! http://t.co/qjK8P1FRww #thankschris #loveyouchris
Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish. – John Quincy Adams
Don't forget, we're at @familywash in Nashville tonight with @robbyhecht and @thedanberrys! Music starts at 8:30 pm! Hope to see ya! !
We need your help! Does this link even work!? https://t.co/rezIx0264Z
@ericgregoryusa We couldn't either!
@EleniRoumel @ChrisCarrabba We're always having fun when we're on stage! Thanks for coming.
RT @coryhasabeard: I wish I could see @TwinForksMusic at the Family Wash tonight. They are an amazing band to see live, evocative and engag…
We’ll be at the @familywash in Nashville tonight opening for @robbyhecht and @thedanberrys at 8:30pm! Get into it!
Hey so @qromag got some great shots from @TheHammerstein show with @thescript the other night, check em out: http://t.co/wilcbNA9K3
We’ll be at the @familywash in Nashville tomorrow opening for @robbyhecht and @thedanberrys at 8:30pm! Come hang out!
RT @linesinasong: Photo Feature: Twin Forks ( @twinforksmusic ) | North Star Bar... http://t.co/ZTRFup2weM
RT @paulwheatIey: My new single GHOST WHITE is available for download here: http://t.co/VoQBLz83EJ
RT @ChrisCarrabba: Hey it was fun hearing y'all sing so loud! Can't wait to come back!!! “@AmyMunz2: Fun being part of the harmonizers http…
RT @ChrisCarrabba: Now I get it. It's @christianhosoi's birthday, no wonder I wanted to go shred so bad. Happy birthday brother!
RT @CountingCrows: Hey Philadelphia! Who’s going to see @ChrisCarrabba & @TwinForksMusic TONITE @NorthStarBar? Tkts http://t.co/iLXzyDRygp
We’ll be debuting a new song tonight at the @NorthStarBar. Come to the show and let us know what you think. Tickets: http://t.co/l9WaZyhjCa
RT @CountingCrows: Headed to PHILLY now to see my pal @ChrisCarrabba & @TwinForksMusic at @NorthStarBar TMW!! Dying to see them again!! htt…
RT @NorthStarBar: They're back! PUMPED for @TwinForksMusic w/ @ChrisCarrabba tomorrow - are you? Grab tickets or face regret: http://t.co/q
Hey @Live1nlove, glad to have you on the team! And thanks @deefizzy for introducing us. Lots of new tour dates up soon, lets hang!
RT @CountingCrows: Best week ever hanging/living w/@ChrisCarrabba & @TwinForksMusic here in NYC. Very hungover now. Great warmup for #TheOu…
RT @coreyjamesbost: Philly let's hang! So excited to be playing before @TwinForksMusic at @NorthStarBar this Sunday. http://t.co/gtaNQFPxYe
RT @ChrisCarrabba: I'm very grateful and flattered to be on this list. Thank you Alt Press. http://t.co/fqa4L8gBID
Hey Philadelphia we’ll be at the @northstarbar the 5th with our friend @coreyjamesbost and @KatieFrankMusic Tickets: http://t.co/l9WaZyhjCa
We had such a great time last night opening up for @thescript last night. Thanks so much for having us fellas!!
@LBradz tell @Littlefooted we said “helloooooo” (in Jack’s voice)
@LBradz Ren Bobinson?
NYC! We're opening for @thescript at the @TheHammerstein tonight! Doors at 7, we're on at 8. Tickets: http://t.co/Hz0KTRkxAQ @anLAactor
RT @ChrisCarrabba: Beyond pumped to be opening up for @thescript in NYC at the @TheHammerstein ballroom tomorrow night!!! Tickets: http://t…
Tomorrow we open up for @thescript in NYC at the @TheHammerstein ballroom!!! Tickets: http://t.co/gCWHkKUYSb #loveisreal
RT @LiveNationNYC: .@TwinForksMusic will open up @thescript's show at Hammerstein Ballroom on Wednesday night! Get your tickets - http://t.…
@TwinForksMusic: So excited to open up for @thescript at the @TheHammerstein ballroom in NY Oct. 1st! Tickets: http://t.co/b8HabhK8Di
So excited to open up for @thescript At the @TheHammerstein ballroom in NY Oct. 1st! Tickets: http://t.co/b8HabhK8Di #loveisreal
RT @MartinGuitar: Take a listen to @TwinForksMusic covering @taylorswift13! http://t.co/bPmgqI9K4J
RT @northcotemusic: Our Alberta dates w/@TwinForksMusic & @highsmusic: 11/13 Edmonton 11/14 Canmore 11/15 Calgary
RT @seowxsz: It makes me really excited knowing that @TwinForksMusic are recording new tracks! Can't wait to listen to the new music!
RT @RockItOutBlog: On today’s RiO!B, we have a chat with Dashboard Confessional frontman @ChrisCarrabba at @RiotFest. http://t.co/sJtvLh2XaD
Having so much fun in the studio today. We can't wait for you to hear this stuff.
RT @FoodisnewRock: @FlavCity @JeffMauro @ChrisCarrabba @wyliedufresne thanks! Just an FYI... Your readers can listen to the talk here: http…
Thanks everybody for participating! Sorry to anything we didn't get to. We're off to track a new song. Let's do this again. #TwinForksQA
Townes Van Zandt "Live at the Old Quarter" RT @_laurenfaith_: @TwinForksMusic @ChrisCarrabba favorite album of all time?
Yup. Both I and the band often don't know what covers we're going to do on tour until I've begun playing them on stage. @michinthemedia
The next one I get RT @JKeyk4: @TwinForksMusic Chris, what is your next tattoo going to be? #TwinForksQA
Saga Volume 2 by Brian K Vaughn. Pretty skeptical about Dawn of Justice @IKennyR:
It' not @KelzBaron. It is @KelzBaron RT @amysue348: @TwinForksMusic @ChrisCarrabba Who is the biggest nerd in TF? And why? #TwinForksQA
Chevron Market. The one with the pop tarts.RT @chismism: With varied band members' tastes, what type of restaurant is satisfying to all?
Supercuts RT @brokencircles: How does Chris get his hair to look perfect everyday? Do you have a hair tech on tour with you? #TwinForksQA
hard flips RT @paulwheatIey: @ChrisCarrabba 360 flips or kickflips? #twinforksQA
@newfoundglory RT @amyns10283: @TwinForksMusic who was your favorite band to tour with #TwinForksQA
@newfoundglory @amyns10283
As to being idolized, honored/flummoxed @Kiah_paige_
Steve Earle. A pure artist with seeming disregard for pure artists. The most influential rebel. @Kiah_paige_ #TwinForksQA
The outside. Also the inside. @Kieran_murphy92
It would have to be: "what the one question you hope someone asks but never does?" @buzzywoo
I won't say I deserve it, but damn if I haven't been trying to earn it with all these pushups. @Kiah_paige_
The hours. RT @buzzywoo: @ChrisCarrabba @TwinForksMusic whats the best part of touring? The worst? #TwinForksQA
Directly before the show, we as a band pick a song that's well beyond our skill set and trainwreck it. @Kiah_paige_
My whole day is geared towards the show. In my attitude towards the day I proceed under the mantra that there is only the show @Kiah_paige_
Flattered. Absolutely certain that what I do is bigger than myself. @Kiah_paige_
You know, Twin Forks doesn't play all the DC songs at all the shows, but we sure know them all. That would be a ton of fun. @Armscharm26
The ability to grow chest hair. It would be my most glorious 24 hours @seowxsz
Words can't describe it. @amyns10283 @_laurenfaith_
I'm nervous now. It's tenfold when I'm going onstage but that's when I know I only have one more step to take before it's gone.@Kiah_paige_
It's like that point in the loop of a roller coaster where all of that inertia becomes levitation. @itsmealexandra #TwinForksQA
RT @FoodNetMagPromo: Check out @FoodisnewRock panel @FoodNetwork in Concert w @JeffMauro @TwinForksMusic @iamjoshkaufman & @wyliedufresne! …
Don't forget, Chris will be doing a live Q&A today from noon to 1 central! He'll be answering questions tagged #TwinForksQA
You guys check out the new album "Phantom" from our friend, the lovely @madidiaz. We love it over here! http://t.co/7yttPAAwMH
RT @ChrisCarrabba: I'll be doing a live Q&A tomorrow at noon central from the @TwinForksMusic handle. Get your questions ready and tag them…
Chris wants in! He'll be doing live Q&A here tomorrow at noon central. Get your questions ready and tag them #TwinForksQA
Close to Kentucky! @_laurenfaith_ #twinforksSZ
Hopefully next year @kystonee #twinforksSZ
Ok folks, that was lot of fun! Thanks for hanging with me. Gotta go track some drums. Follow me on Twitter and Istagram @ShawnZorn
poutine @antonatienza #twinforksSZ
Anything by @Corybranan @queenaddykane #twinforksSZ
What do you say @KelzBaron @calebreeve #twinforksSZ
I think it's Honey Bunches of Oats and yes @brokencircles #twinforksSZ
Hm @colleeeenmk @taylorswift13 @deertickmusic, Blake Mills @BreakMirrors, @DeadSoldiersTN, @@caitlynsmith, @luceromusic, Lit
I sure hope so @SalsaGeez #TwinForksSZ
I've never been myself! @dkraynick @LionandEaglePub I hear tell though... Gotta make it down #TwinForksSZ
I love Austin @pandrewstephen! Lived there for two months last year. Hopefully ASAP! #TwinForksSZ
"My Own Worst Enemy" by Lit @laennyfitz #TwinForksSZ
My girl !@LBradz
I don't know the specific tour schedule, but I would bet sooner than later @amysue348 #TwinForksSZ
@LBradz what's YOUR favorite drink?
We really like your friend! @laennyfitz
such a fun time @queenaddykane #TwinForksSZ
you go girly @queenaddykane
Hoping to have them at all upcoming dates @amysue348. I've been wearing all of the old ones because I ran out of clean shirts.
Aww! @amyns10283 My home! I'll be back in town this weekend for @memphisdawls cd release at the Levitt Shell! #TwinForksSZ
I'll play the opening of an envelope @nissenbro. I'll pass the word along. #TwinForksSZ
Both! @ClareKaiser #TwinForksSZ
We're coming over to the Netherlands in November. Hoping to do a full EU tour as soon as scheduling will allow @ClassyLink_YT
I'm planning on coming for some sushi and fried rice! I hope we can make it over there sometime. @seowxsz
That seems a little extreme @amysue348 #TwinForksSZ
That last show at Irving Plaza with @augustana was a blast! @laennyfitz
@MikeHacksThings it's the best
@LBradz I accept.
RT @coreyjamesbost: Couldn't be more excited to be opening for @TwinForksMusic in Philadelphia on October 5th. Philly let's hang! http://t.…
RT @FoodisnewRock: The podcast we recorded at #FNIC w/ @JeffMauro @wyliedufresne @ChrisCarrabba @iamjoshkaufman & @LoriMajewski is up! htt…
Working on some new tunes. http://t.co/Pwze6ZJnsu
RT @FoodNetMagPromo: Woot! @TwinForksMusic performing on the Lawn Stage. What a show! #EATDRINKROCK http://t.co/oMA62jOy2c
RT @caitlynsmith: Such good times at Ravinia! Watching our new friends, @TwinForksMusic kill it right now! #eatdrinkrock #FNICfun http://t.…
Watching @caitlynsmith kill it over here @RaviniaFestival. Everyone should check her out.
RT @FoodisnewRock: Stoked to be on stage today @foodnetwork in Concert w/ @wyliedufresne @ChrisCarrabba @JeffMauro @iamjoshkaufman @LoriMaj…
@WGNNews Chicago. http://t.co/w6bh9Rktg0
@colleeeenmk you love it.
The last two shows the girls have travelled separately and it's been wolves only in the van. #smellsalittledifferent.
We had life-altering lasagna last night. Is that the same?RT @Badger2309: @katrinewhite @TwinForksMusic did you just change my life, again!?
RT @AltPress: What happens when you combine producer @tyDi and @ChrisCarrabba? Hear it now: http://t.co/gvylr2Mm1m http://t.co/GYnpKtuz0k
The COUNTDOWN is ON! Only 3 days away from @FoodNetwork in Concert! Come #EatDrinkRock with me! Last chance for tix: http://t.co/UWhjJEFWcU
RT @officialmineral: Anyone wishing to donate to help with our financial blow from being robbed may do so at http://t.co/enlMtuZGIo Thank Y…
@JasmineSwayze YOU keep being rad! Thanksss
RT @ChrisCarrabba: Hey so @wschamberlain from @UnderoathBand has a new project @SLEEPWAVEMUSIC and the new record is OUT! Get into it!!! ht…
Check out @Spotify's new #FolkandAmericana category. Some great playlists & we're featured in a few of them! Like: http://t.co/mXlPK0Fdcp
RT @BartMillard: The song "Back To You" by @twinforksmusic makes me have #SongEnvy
RT @addiejoy: Monumental (potentially hard) day tomorrow...thank you @TwinForksMusic for reminding me tonight that #loveisreal. ❤️ http://t…
@RJWS_ Very touching song and video Ryan. Thanks so much for sharing it.
7 days til @FoodNetwork in Concert takes over @RaviniaFestival! Come #EatDrinkRock with me! Tix still available: http://t.co/UWhjJEFWcU
RT @SpoonUniversity: We got the scoop from @ChrisCarrabba on @TwinForksMusic, @FoodNetwork in concert and his favorite eats. http://t.co/6G
RT @PHILATIC4LIFE_: This playlist tho! Thank you @FoodNetMagPromo @Phillips @JohnMayer @zanecarney @TwinForksMusic http://t.co/j625OFDnh3
So are we! Thanks for the love! RT @vanessamarie18_: @TwinForksMusic so happy I found your music!!!
@coreyjamesbost @listeningroom http://t.co/nw1xVwBccl
Our boy @coreyjamesbost is playing his first Nashville show here at the @listeningroom shortly. Come show some love! Starts at 6pm hurry up!
RT @annettegeneva: Inspired by @TwinForksMusic #twinforks #drawing #quote #lyrics http://t.co/6Sm2cHCQXZ
So psyched about Dallas of @cityandcolour and @Pink’s new record: You+Me - Rose Ave. - https://t.co/ZTK2AGkZ7y http://t.co/oW0qcjdPCT
Only 10 days until @FoodNetwork in Concert at Ravinia! Don't miss your chance to #EatDrinkRock with me! Get tix now! http://t.co/UWhjJEFWcU
Holland are heading your way in November! Check out the details: https://t.co/q16vLlVG8t
Yo @kat_sav we’re gonna need to hear those chops when we come through in November. Hows that @MartinGuitar treatin ya?
Whoa! Great shots!!! RT @qromag: Photos of @TwinForksMusic from @FMMFestival last weekend - http://t.co/AIDFYx275i http://t.co/DW2uFUSkg6
RT @adamof609: Okay so here's the deal. @TwinForksMusic is playing in Philly, and if someone comes with me I will buy their ticket. Even if…
PHILLY! We are heading your way October 5th! Come hang out with us! http://t.co/JVbrjgFPA9
RT @_KingofFilm_: Totally digging @TwinForksMusic! http://t.co/nuLVggPsHg
RT @andeewells: I have so many pictures from this weekend that I'm steadily working through. Here's one of @TwinForksMusic http://t.co/QCsU
RT @MetroLyrics: Having trouble making a song? Trust your gut! It's what @TwinForksMusic's @ChrisCarrabba does: http://t.co/Scad2oKtrw http…
RT @meaghanselm: Nothing more relaxing then driving through #ozark country, windows down, listening to @TwinForksMusic. #mo #summersoundtra…
HA! She’s into it! RT @tjdowdy: #fmmf #latergram @twinforksmusic bein awesome...& that gal up front is too. http://t.co/Hbv8gRIzMr
RT @ChrisCarrabba: Got to hang with my boy @AnthonyGreen of @circasurvive yesterday #loveisreal http://t.co/uDqrrx98L9 http://t.co/57rcM
@ShawnZorn captured our girls Kelsie and @saraellenmusic gettin weird at #FMMF in Columbus. http://t.co/nGevRLVCek
dannylac was there at our first SXSW show and he's finally back out with us for this… http://t.co/epmoiYQ5rr
RT @Marvel: Beginning in 2015, enjoy classic #StarWars comics in the Epic Collections format: http://t.co/wZQFfinMmY http://t.co/wwxCWAt3P8
@SydneyJung you are perfect :) #LoveIsReal
RT @tyDi: Take risks, create something, fly away, chase love, help someone, there are only so many tomorrows. You'll never be as young as y…
RT @Corybranan: Secret's out. “@ChrisCarrabba: Very excited 2B invited by my friend @corybranan to open for him tonight at @thehighwatt in …
RT @keithmmichaud: @ChrisCarrabba finding there is no manly way to put on or remove a foot tambourine... #issues
RT @CollegeCandy: So @TwinForksMusic is the perfect soundtrack to your angsty adolescence. http://t.co/3wtNC772ql
Tickets are on sale for our Canadian tour! Get yours now! http://t.co/clwGEoZHXK http://t.co/ona0iJXe1o
RT @MOSCOT: Fans of MOSCOT: Love is real. @TwinForksMusic's @ChrisCarrabba in The #VELVYL, with a fan, while on the road! http://t.co/ZjJWO
Tickets go on sale tomorrow for our Canadian tour! Are you ready? http://t.co/EpxgkI4lCO
Mad love for our friend @KubotaOrange on his birthday! Hope it's a great one!
RT @danielbonebrake: My family & friends. @TwinForksMusic @ChrisCarrabba @rickyleesavage @ScottSchoenbeck @JohnLefler1 @Littlefooted http:/…
Hey @KGJohnson89 if you dig that @taylorswift13 cover you can download it here: http://t.co/6LJHvqCsZR
RT @lastfmoriginals: #ChrisCarrabba traces @fsfofficial #punk history to @TwinForksMusic #folk future #VIDEO http://t.co/FBAumme9Or http://…
RT @IndieMurphy: Twin Forks // T.T. the Bear’s Place, Cambridge MA – July 13, 2014 - http://t.co/biFNw5jJDw @TwinForksMusic @DeafboyGary
RT @MartinGuitar: Hey, Canada! @TwinForksMusic is coming to you this fall! http://t.co/cKYaIh9xfS #martinpride http://t.co/P5vyr6eYVC
Canada! See you in November! http://t.co/JEYYm1nuws
CANADA! We’re coming #BackToYou! http://t.co/pUR1ap2YWa
RT @FurtherFromSky: .@TwinForksMusic doing @taylorswift13 covers is simply something that can't be missed. http://t.co/6LJHvqCsZR
Want some free music? Like, completely free? Here you go - http://t.co/JsF2bAAxW2
More friends! @ Silopanna Music Festival http://t.co/MduYjb7y10
@SilopannaFest http://t.co/edbX5Q39ji
RT @amandafuhrmann: @ChrisCarrabba of #DashboardConfessional and @TwinForksMusic stopped by for a #RamFanFoto! #Silopanna @SilopannaFest ht…
RT @ChrisCarrabba: Haven't seen this in a while. http://t.co/QrElInL4TP
RT @peoplemag: Can't stop, won't stop listening to this @TwinForksMusic song (probably because it's Friday) http://t.co/iH63o3A6Uv
You can still grab some of our new music for free on Noisetrade! http://t.co/JsF2bAAxW2 http://t.co/jTu8UJPXRB
This was such a fun session with @peoplemag, hope you guys dig it: http://t.co/Q2jP8lyNLF @MartinGuitar #loveisreal
RT @LBradz: Check out @TwinForksMusic perform Cross My Mind http://t.co/bZAwd7UJCc via @PeopleMag
Check out @lastfm's interview and story on @ChrisCarrabba and Twin Forks! http://t.co/LY8YNOVfBy http://t.co/FRFd79prAx
The Wall Street Journal is streaming our great friend @Corybranan’s new record before it comes out! Give it a spin: http://t.co/5W4PDDTJ9J
RT @dinealonemusic: ICYMI: @TwinForksMusic is currently featured on @NoiseTrade! Download their FREE 4-track sampler now: http://t.co/rsntO
The passing of Robin Williams is heartbreaking. #RobinWilliams https://t.co/gpCfUfvxmB
RT @SilopannaFest: only 4 days left until we see @ChrisCarrabba perform with both @TwinForksMusic and #dashboardconfessional http://t.co/9L
Have you grabbed our FREE music on Noisetrade? Check it out - http://t.co/JsF2bAAxW2 http://t.co/c7e2qwphF8
Please consider donating to help a friend of ours child that's in the hospital. #LoveIsReal http://t.co/gl1X45zaEj
So, rumor has it there's a free download of some of our music on @NoiseTrade - check it out! http://t.co/6LJHvqCsZR http://t.co/VsPnEOHgA4
It was a good night all around. http://t.co/EA5EWa8qGP
Here's one we can all agree on! http://t.co/suXxDZ9JJt
Saving this too... http://t.co/YKku9BX7HR
Saved these... http://t.co/YDsmZNpBDN
Check out the lovely @narrativesuzie’s video “Chasing a Feeling” http://t.co/MqwtbMrR8v
RT @jackiestewart15: #twinning so hard with our @TwinForksMusic @ChrisCarrabba tshirts! Blake's is cooler because Chris signed it :) http:/…
Ha! So Cute! RT @spicer: Estelle getting her dance on to some @TwinForksMusic https://t.co/66d2CU6dk6
Our song “Can't Be Broken" is featured on @songza’s "Indie Folk & Americana" playlist today. Listen here! http://t.co/BCZHgLgUKf
Our boy @coreyjamesbost made it to @iTunes New and Noteworthy! #heritage http://t.co/AwCwAjPMIY
@GatorAJ @coreyjamesbost @sarabost of course! Thanks for coming!
@colleeeenmk We will work on it!
RT @andrewjamestx: Enjoying this @TwinForksMusic record. Feels good on vinyl! http://t.co/7GJBImA4KK // We like your style! Happy Sunday!
@vblinder @coreyjamesbost such good music!
RT @mrnateathon: Everyone needs to listen to @TwinForksMusic your ears will thank you repeatedly. #loveisreal 👽✌
RT @vblinder: I've been playing @coreyjamesbost on repeat since he opened for @TwinForksMusic in Orlando. SO good. #heritage
RT @PhotosByCM: Some of the best guys and girls around... If you haven't checked out @twinforksmusic yet... http://t.co/waqnAhSd5n http://t…
RT @jackiestewart15: #loveisreal @ChrisCarrabba @TwinForksMusic http://t.co/mcLcoiLxsv
RT @Littlefooted: Friends of Gainesville go see my peoples in @TwinForksMusic tonight at 1982 Bar destroy with fiery folk fury. #theyrealgo…
RT @LBradz: Super excited for @FineYoungPoetEm who is playing with @TwinForksMusic in Gainesville tonight! Wish I could be there! <3
RT @PhotosByCM: So @twinforksmusic may or may not have a slight photo crush on me.... Such an amazing sh... http://t.co/52bu5oV9XT http://t…
RT @dinealonemusic: Watch the trailer for #Laggies ft. tunes from @TwinForksMusic + @iLoveLucius: http://t.co/MA2SBWEiQ9. Buy the albums: h…
@TwinForksMusic: Bought my copy of @coreyjamesbost's record, did you? You should. See you tonight Orlando. #Heritage http://t.co/0HMFBsC3Y5
Bought my copy of coreyjamesbost's record, did you? You should. See you tonight Orlando. #Heritage http://t.co/0HMFBsC3Y5
Also @coreyjamesbost’s record drops on @iTunes tonight at midnight so get it and warmup yo self up for the show! http://t.co/hgyatypSMx
Orlando! come hang w us and @coreyjamesbost tomorrow night @SocialOrlando Tickets: http://t.co/dTUB2Pijk4 #coreyisreal
Love it! RT @suzychick: @TwinForksMusic rocking Memphis last night. So good to see you! 🎶🎵 http://t.co/1f9KkntPfD
“@MinglewoodHall: @TwinForksMusic feat. @ChrisCarrabba w @serynsounds starts in a few hours! GET YOUR TICKETS NOW http://t.co/GhJxLL4Bgi.
Thanks to @WCBE905Columbus for having us stop by! Check it out here - http://t.co/eyIJza7S1J
Indianapolis! We’ll be #shreddingthegnar tonight @thehifiindy come hang out with us! Tickets: http://t.co/4wlaGJTDKq
Indianapolis! We’re heading your way tomorrow, playing @thehifiindy and we’d love to see ya out there. Tickets: http://t.co/4wlaGJTDKq
Stoked to play with one of our main dudes @coreyjamesbost down in Orlando the 23rd and Gainesville the 24th. http://t.co/Sbl0l5hWkD
If you’re in Cleveland (not the show but that’s also cool) we’ll be @thegrogshop tonight with our lovely and talented friends @serynsounds
Pumped to share the stage tonight @thegrogshop with our friends @serynsounds and #bylightweloom.
@LBradz no way. Loved it.
RT @LBradz: What a nice surprise to find @TwinForksMusic in the trailer for this film: https://t.co/TDSB6l9dpV
We've got stops in the next week coming up in Cleveland, Indianapolis, Memphis, Orlando, and Gainesville! See you there! #LoveIsReal
These new headphones sound incredible! Thanks @BowersWilkins! 🔊 http://t.co/t7h3aWKZ4K
RT @dinealonemusic: Snapshot of @TwinForksMusic featured in @RollingStone's Hottest Live Photos of 2014: http://t.co/shNSdZAb15 | http://t.…
@DougDeMaio @Jess_Greeno make sure you come say hello!
Burlington VT! We’re playing a free Show tonight at Battery Park! We’re on at 7:30, come hang out with us!
Here's one from last night @dubin got with his iphone. @fadeawayrecs @serynsounds @wearemoms @RoughTradeNYC http://t.co/I70qJOt243
.@dubin shot some of our first photos, and if you’re an aspiring music photographer, this video about him is great: http://t.co/jUSJkeSWUU
@dubin shot some of our first photos, and if you’re an aspiring music photographer, this video about him is great: http://t.co/jUSJkeSWUU
@queenaddykane where'd you hear it?
So pumped for you guys to see what we did over @peoplemag today!!! #onestowatch @MartinGuitar http://t.co/rTqGrV7JFj
Watch these bearded nerds in @serynsounds tear it up with us @norakillednora tonight! They also have… http://t.co/E7hiGzSDgu
RT @rocknrollhotel: Tonight's set times: @twinforksmusic: 9:15pm @serynsounds: 8pm Tickets available at doors! (7pm/$15)
RT @rocknrollhotel: Tonight's @TwinForksMusic @serynsounds show is feat. in @BYT #HitList http://t.co/5wiw7XwaKQ Doors 7pm, $15
Had a great time at @Fox5newsdc this morning with @stevechenevey He even picked us a tune on Chris's @MartinGuitar http://t.co/oZz90Is889
RT @ChrisCarrabba: My great friend and musical hero @wschamberlain's new project #Sleepwave is up on @altpress check it out! http://t.co/At
RT @stevechenevey: An early heads up for #DashboardConfessional fans - @ChrisCarrabba will perform with his new band @TwinForksMusic on #Go…
RT @rocknrollhotel: Tonight! @twinforksmusic with @SerynSounds | We've got tickets here (doors 7pm): http://t.co/NltWLDviqb
RT @boweryboston: *TONIGHT* @ttthebears! Doors 8:30PM @TallahasseeBand 9PM @Serynsounds 10PM @TwinForksMusic 11PM! Tickets $15 at the door!
RT @LearnBandPhoto: Concert pics of @TwinForksMusic at @turfTO are now up on the blog! http://t.co/3bQGTWeheT http://t.co/bZPEH9NApq
Come hang out with us tonight @noseovertail311 in Providence, RI! #loveisreal @ Fete Music http://t.co/MHc1KsUPU8
PROVIDENCE, RI! We are playing at Fete tonight! If you aren't there, well, you're just missing out! #LoveIsReal
RT @ChrisCarrabba: Hey people! Come to our show, just tweet "hold my ticket!" @NorthStarBar and we'll save your spot. Only 15 left! #warpe…
Philly! There’s still some tickets left! Come get sensual with us tonight @NorthStarBar with @serynsounds and @WeAreLikeCrazy
Absolutely! RT @BlindPedestrian: @TwinForksMusic @NorthStarBar @serynsounds @WeAreLikeCrazy at warped tour , should I leave ?
We’re almost sold out here @NorthStarBar in Philly! Come hang out with us and @serynsounds and @WeAreLikeCrazy
RT @Aesthetic_Mag: Missed it? @ottawabluesfest featured @ladygaga, @andrewbird, @TwinForksMusic, + More. | Photos: http://t.co/jzXshdnqEc
These are great! RT @LiveinLimbo: @TwinForksMusic at @HorseshoeTavern #Toronto @collectivecon. http://t.co/s4NMUJGB2S http://t.co/MDGAl7bQHW
@johnyyy_mac @m0cking_JAI We are equal parts stoked and pumped about tomorrow’s show @NorthStarBar too! #Philly #loveisreal
Van times with @shawnzorn. On our way to play the @northstarbar in Philadelphia tomorrow night with… http://t.co/gAquJhrq5D
There's still tickets left for tonight's show in Buffalo NY @WaitingRoomBflo. Come hang out! #loveisreal
Check out the “Back To You” video we did for @Exclaimdotca! What do you think? http://t.co/XOpkDJx7AQ
Are we sailing up to a dockside bar near you? Twin Forks Tour Dates: http://t.co/clwGEphRbS #loveisreal
Check out our performance on @CMTCanada’s Canada AM - http://t.co/kaEN1uDPzK
Sorry for any confusion, doors are at 8:30 for tonight’s show @HorseshoeTavern #loveisreal
Playing @HorseshoeTavern tonight in #toronto Doors at 6:30. Get pumped!
RT @dinealonemusic: Grab a cup of java and tune into @CTVCanadaAM at 8:50AM for a special appearance by @TwinForksMusic! No better way to s…
We'll be on @CTVCanadaAM this AM at 8:50. Who's watching? @dinealonemusic @MartinGuitar #MartinPride @tcelectronic http://t.co/g6GriSrodV
These are terrific! Thanks! RT @Bekah__x: A few of my favourite shots from Saturday of @TwinForksMusic @ChrisCarrabba http://t.co/xIA6UwjTXi
RT @GaryREYBEE: @ChrisCarrabba chats with @philthymag about getting back to his roots. July 11th at @NorthStarBar! http://t.co/0Qfpsyc2Ip
RT @dinealonemusic: Set your alarms - @TwinForksMusic is performing on @CTVCanadaAM at 8:50AM EST tomorrow! US fans - grab tour tix here: h…
RT @ChrisCarrabba: Thanks Paul, it was great catching up! @stxscene: The newest issue featuring @TwinForksMusic http://t.co/stc0vDOgWv
There's still time to enter to win tickets and meet and greets to upcoming shows on our tour! http://t.co/RwSWp4C14N
RT @ashleypoitevin: Chris Carrabba and @TwinForksMusic also made today extra great. w/ @JessicaCapo #turfTO http://t.co/jDQSlU1rFu
@babybluerain there we go!
RT @addiejoy: @TwinForksMusic Two weeks from today! I'll be the blonde girl belting out every line (possibly by herself, but not caring at …
@BradSeed that's because we do! Thanks for coming to the show!
RT @BradSeed: I've never seen a band look like they're having as much fun performing as @TwinForksMusic. They just look genuinely happy. #L…
RT: “@jasonlaw_: The perfect @twinforksmusic at #turf2014! http://t.co/7Ny04fktMF // thanks for coming out!
RT @JSipione: Such a great set! Thank you! @TwinForksMusic @turfTO @ChrisCarrabba #turfTO http://t.co/sL4SDCScJC
RT @kykylwe4: @TwinForksMusic KILLED their set at @turfTO! As media you conduct yourself respectively...yeah...I fangirled hard. http://t.c
RT @BradSeed: So @twinforksmusic were great. #LoveIsReal http://t.co/oAGZWD5hRI
Toronto! We’ll be on stage at 2pm at the Turf Fest today. Who wants to get weird with us?
@MartinGuitar http://t.co/xRAT8sTcke #MartinPride
@lvdiar that's a bummer. Next time though 🎉
RT @GaryREYBEE: Chris Carrabba of @TwinForksMusic chats with @boxx about his favorite female musicians... http://t.co/w9omzuaXUF
Helloooo Ottawa! We’ll be playing at the Bluesfest at 7:30 tonight. Any #twinforkstownies coming to hang?
RT @SocialOrlando: Listen to @TwinForksMusic w/ @ChrisCarrabba on Spotify: http://t.co/OZNEI7WJs4 || Catch them at The Social July 23rd
@TheSeaport thanks guys! We had the best time! Now we're off to the Ottawa Blues Fest tomorrow 🚐 http://t.co/EHzz6TXALQ #loveisreal #NYC
@TwinForksMusic: Made it to the South Street Pier Party! We play at 8, who's hanging out? #nyc #loveisreal http://t.co/H0WsuUV948
RT @tdaenzer: Music not to miss in July @CTVCanadaAM 7th @redwantingblue 8th @TwinForksMusic 10th @machelmontanohd 15th @jason_mraz
Thanks for having us back, to you. RT @exclaimdotca: Watch @TwinForksMusic perform live on #exclaimtv: http://t.co/hx1MNttgRH #loveisreal
Can’t wait! RT @tdaenzer: Another great band July 8 on @CTVCanadaAM @TwinForksMusic don't miss them http://t.co/AxYrYyNVYY
Happy 4th guys! 🇺🇸 🎉🏈🍔
It was a rad hang for sure! RT @h0llyracheter: Last night was so perfect. Saw @TwinForksMusic again. Such chill people and good music.
Thanks! Hope you dig it! RT @auti_pitt_22: Just got @TwinForksMusic on vinyl. :) http://t.co/7Cs0NmeGNm
It really was a special night for us! RT @durtydeets: Loved seeing @TwinForksMusic for the first time. The Castros were great as well ☺️
We needed it too! RT @Rach88813: Fun night. Just what I needed. Thanks @TwinForksMusic and papa jack for all the love and friendship.
Thanks to @Boxx for a great interview with Chris! http://t.co/91yCk2MBYJ
Of Course! Thanks For visiting! RT @xoxtaryn: @twinforksmusic thanks for signing our cd. I was pumped when I found… http://t.co/PlMVx6LD8Z
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Fun Times! RT @PRMeganM: Great show from @TwinForksMusic & @ChrisCarrabba at The Basement in #Columbus. #LoveIsReal http://t.co/eHbVCSg4CA
RT @dinealonemusic: Fancy the chance to see @TwinForksMusic in #Toronto at @turfTO on 7/6?? You could win tickets here, it’s super easy! ht…
RT @SocialOrlando: July 23rd @TwinForksMusic (Ft. @ChrisCarrabba ) at The Social | Here's a review from a show they played in NY: http://t.…
Rad hangs @WCBE905Columbus Ohio today. Tonight we're at the A&R Music Bar, can't wait to see yall there! #loveisreal http://t.co/hZhVA1rgm6
Columbus, OH! See you tonight at The A&R Music Bar! #LoveIsReal
@brittneddo Hearing that not only makes us happier than you can imagine, but it’s the kind of thing that keeps us going. #twinforkstownies
RT @promowestlive: TOMORROW! @WCBE905Columbus pres. @TwinForksMusic at #TheBasement! Doors at 7PM. #BackToYou” -> http://t.co/3q7dyRveRe
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@HJennewein "You're sayin' the FBI's gonna pay me to learn to surf?" #pointbreak
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Check out our acoustic session with @CMT! http://t.co/hfXaEYguK5 http://t.co/wVFHNfpVPM
St. Louis! We'll be @firebirdstl tonight with @serynsounds! Doors at 7, come get rad with us! http://t.co/WjdR2zwgJM
Hanging out in St. Louis this morning @FOX2News http://t.co/Cwo1QI22NB
Gonna be a little late for load in... #flatsarereal http://t.co/dOTjSB5aA9
Looking forward to it! Congrats! ♥ “@StellarK22: @TwinForksMusic I won tix so I'll be there!”
RT @para_diggum: The only summer soundtrack you need is the @TwinForksMusic album. Perfect for this humid night on the porch watching the f…
RT @AuroraWildee: Absolutely amazing show tonight by @TwinForksMusic, and thank you for being so kind @ChrisCarrabba and friends. It meant …
RT @pandrewstephen: I was so lost but now I believe #loveisreal @TwinForksMusic @ChrisCarrabba http://t.co/8jXv5x1mH5
Had a great time last night hanging at the #keepaustinweirdfest. We're in #Arkansas tonight, who's hanging out? http://t.co/IkZrPyaZmq
RT @ElNilo16: Watching the sunrise with @TwinForksMusic on the playlist!
RT @FreddieSerna: @ChrisCarrabba @TwinForksMusic @houseorock @serynsounds It was a hell of a night! People in Austin don't miss out! http:…
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Yo Corpus Christi! We're at @houseorock tonight. Doors at 7. #freakyfriday http://t.co/Lz1PKJSrVH @serynsounds #loveisreal
@captunamerica @trintatas Trip out! I remember that show!
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Gonna need to see that footage. 🎥 RT @captunamerica: @trintatas @ChrisCarrabba he took my camera out of my hand and filmed the crowd once.
@ShawnZorn treated us to the real thing. Act like you know. http://t.co/HH8OZSEcjs #friedchickenisreal
@one_lauralove That’s a fun one to play. Thanks for listening! #loveisreal
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Love! 😵 RT @laennyfitz: Appropriate shirt to wear while I'm hungover. Didn't even do it on purpose. @TwinForksMusic http://t.co/t32Z6XPhOO
RT @voiceversepod: Episode 013 is here, ft. @ChrisCarrabba from @TwinForksMusic http://t.co/QmXKdyuU97 http://t.co/g8aKOoHZyP
RT @voiceversepod: Episode 013 is here, ft. @ChrisCarrabba from @TwinForksMusic http://t.co/QmXKdyuU97 http://t.co/g8aKOoHZyP
@proguerra We can’t wait! #loveisreal
Can’t wait to hear it! Miss you guys! RT @TreasuresBand: In the studio @metalworksARTS working on new tunes. Thinking of @TwinForksMusic
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@Cleg_xoxo we’ll definitely be back, we’ve had the best times in Canada touring with @Phillips @TheLoneBellow @ivanandalyosha @TreasuresBand
There will be a few we haven’t played on tour yet. So go easy on us... RT @drewprice: @TwinForksMusic... ...Any new songs on the setlist?
RT @rocknrollhotel: @TwinForksMusic are here Tues 7/15! Grab a ticket/t-shirt bundle here: http://t.co/GdH9tEgmdW
@alishahcristine We’ll see what we can do 😏
We’ve got shows in the following this upcoming week: 6/27 - Corpus Christi, TX 6/28 - Austin, TX 6/29 - Little Rock, AR 6/30- St. Louis, MO
We’ve got shows in the following this upcoming week: 6/27 - Corpus Christi, TX 6/28 - Austin, TX 6/29 - St. Louis, MO Come hang with us!
RT @ghettotested: @TwinForksMusic Walked down the aisle at my wedding last week to "Something We Just Know!" Perfect soundtrack to our big …
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RT @ChrisTheTweeter: Heard "Back to You" by @TwinForksMusic on the radio for the first time tonight. So glad they are starting to make it. …
RT @alishahcristine: Just bought tickets to @TwinForksMusic in Indy in July!! Can't wait. 😁☺️😃💚💜
Check out the music video for “Cross My Mind” - https://t.co/rl2LJ2MoUN
Any @Spotify listeners? Check out our Spotify page and stream our music! http://t.co/wfYNPeLgaC
MT @michaelvasquez9: Beyond stoked for the @TwinForksMusic show next week. // See you there!
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Glad we could help. “@unstablehood: @TwinForksMusic btw I listened to your album to calm me down bc first day of school school is scary man”
So do we! “@TrunkThirty: Love hearing @TwinForksMusic on @cwhartofdixie #love”
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RT @mozzbomb: @TwinForksMusic @ChrisCarrabba This is the perfect summer record. http://t.co/Vkueh4aVmq
RT @neilnicholas29: @NBA Finals highlights featuring @TwinForksMusic "Cross My Mind" on @Sportsnet. Love it. @dinealonemusic
@tardigraded see you soon!
RT @ChrisCarrabba: Great article on my friend @BrantleyGilbert. He even mentions me! Thanks pal! http://t.co/73cvS8HR2y #dirtroadanthem
RT @dinealonemusic: @neilnicholas29 @NBA @TwinForksMusic @Sportsnet Pretty much the best way to get the day started.
RT @dinealonemusic: Get @TwinForksMusic's #BackToYou for free! @Fandango is hooking you up w an @Amazon code at the movies!. http://t.co/Z7
Those are the best dudes!!! “@CynMar_: Throwback to the @augustana & @TwinForksMusic show. Such a great time :) http://t.co/F5KrB2PpFT
RT @nonfoodman: @TwinForksMusic they're playing "back to you" on @Sportsnet morning show during the @NYRangers and @LAKings highlights. #L…
@atheerahzaki thanks!
RT @thebeacham: Listen to @TwinForksMusic w/ @ChrisCarrabba on Spotify: http://t.co/NCoI0RbBbn || Catch them playing at The Social July 23rd
Generic #HeatTweet
RT @CHSPourHouse: Doors open at 8:30pm tonight. #JordanIgoe opening the night at 9:30pm before @TwinForksMusic ft. Chris Carrabba (Dashboar…
We had a blast hanging with @Marvel! Check it out! http://t.co/IS1HjwuYLJ
RT @CHSPourHouse: Tune in to @TheBridgeat1055 right now. @TwinForksMusic live on air! #CHSMusic
We'll be on air live here at 2:20 over @TheBridgeat1055 in Charleston, SC with @BoxAndKelly1055 http://t.co/LpLOFYWpqM
Tonight we hit up the Pour House in Charleston, SC! See you there! #LoveIsReal
How about tonight in Charleston SC? “@HPUntilTheEnd: I'll literally go to a @TwinForksMusic show just to hear 'Back To You' @CWReign”
RT @MartinGuitar: We love!! Two great new singles from @TwinForksMusic http://t.co/zCxDniQvNx http://t.co/4jG7TXVYgm
Talking about how real love is over @921ThePalm this afternoon. http://t.co/WGr2UZk6Fi
RT @michellemarlowe: Beyond excited to be @MountainStage to see @TwinForksMusic http://t.co/eAjbTVxdnc
RT @MartinGuitar: @TwinForksMusic @ChrisCarrabba #martinpride http://t.co/tPEYyuF2c7 http://t.co/sYVQDHrdhz
RT @TravelingCajuns: Driving the streets of Carolina beach. Windows down. @TwinForksMusic #cantbebroken maxed out. #loveisreal
RT @briannebarney: first thing KJ asked for after his surgery was a laptop to listen to the new @TwinForksMusic songs.. #proudsistertweet ❤️
RT @Punk_Nationnet: Yooo there are a couple new tracks from @TwinForksMusic they're super rad. Go check 'em out - http://t.co/RiA3tNiSdZ
RT @MountainStage: Tix available for tonight's #mountainstage @autumndefense @TwinForksMusic @driftwood_band @robbyhecht & @caseyneill @ 5pm
Love it! RT @AlexHasbargen: @TwinForksMusic hope y'all like my new tattoo! #cantbebroken #loveisreal #twinforks http://t.co/nEWgrrdFNM
I don't know what mode that was but it was smart. @markwebbmusic #soimpossible http://t.co/7LvBNU2pdd
Twinkies! ❤ http://t.co/Xtr1xOfm8a. @heyitsbethg #loveisreal” http://t.co/w1dUanh2g0
“@antonatienza: Taking a break from Iggy, listening to new @TwinForksMusic @ChrisCarrabba https://t.co/xJmVXpk6KT https://t.co/4tRjYUCOFp
RT @MountainStage: See ya there! “@wolvesatnight02: Excited to see @TwinForksMusic in Charleston tomorrow @MountainStage.” #cwv
We have a couple new tunes up over @SoundCloud, take a listen and let us know what you think: https://t.co/4tRjYUCOFp #loveisreal
@AimeeLea that is a perfectly reasonable excuse. Next time. RT @AimeeLea: If I weren't leaving for Mexico, I'd sooooo be there!!!
Asheville! Who’s hanging out with us and @heyitsbethg tonight @GreyEagleMusic? Doors at 8. http://t.co/c2ZJGL1fSU
Got a couple new tunes we’re gonna try out on the road soon. Here’s one called “Good And Slow” https://t.co/xJmVXpk6KT
Thanks Amy! You hear this one yet? https://t.co/xJmVXpk6KT RT @amysue348: @TwinForksMusic ...Might be a new favorite! #loveisreal
See you there! RT @heyitsbethg: Can't wait to road trip to Asheville tomorrow to see my favorite band @TwinForksMusic!! #loveisreal
Thank you all for your notes of condolence on my grandmothers passing. My entire family is grateful for your kindness.
Hey guys, we're going to be trying out some new songs on these upcoming dates. Here's one! http://t.co/TP6wNrB63x
We have a great new shirt out for these upcoming shows, get yours tomorrow Asheville NC! http://t.co/R5JH5VSCh1 #loveisreal
RT @ChiantiRamone: A haiku: (@TwinForksMusic) Snow has since melted. Twin Forks plays in stereo. Summer heat is on.
RT @MinaNichole20: "Let the moon do what she does, she don't need to make a fuss, she don't know she shines for us..." @TwinForksMusic
The clothes she put me in here serves as proof of my grandma's incredible sense of humor! http://t.co/KmYgrkUBDr #throwbackthursday
Thanks Amy! RT @awphotographs: New photo: @ChrisCarrabba of @TwinForksMusic http://t.co/x0nX50K4bV
RT @AltRockLive: Come to the site to see some legit @paramore @AAofficial @OMandM @TwinForksMusic and more!! http://t.co/TVehoCfuYG 😉
RT @ZackHarold: Former DC frontman goes back to the beginning with @TwinForksMusic, and he's having a blast. http://t.co/sWK6FtCtge
RT @Ryliebug: Why don't you stay for awhile, it's been so long since I've smiled 🎶🎶 #loveisreal @TwinForksMusic
RT @cfmartinstrings: Watch @TwinForksMusic's performances from @audiotreemusic http://t.co/BIFR1qzoSc #martinpride http://t.co/98WttbeNF6
RT @ABKGLT: On the air @KGLTFM. New music from @TwinForksMusic @Old97s @LanghorneSlim @glove @theblackkeys @MadCaddies & more!!!!! Tune in.
RT @jeffpilgrim_vs_: @TwinForksMusic is coming back to #Indy @thehifiindy on July 20th! Can't wait to see them again! You should go too!
Check out our very own @narrativesuzie’s new single! http://t.co/6UDmlXYCdB @the_narrative @redwireaudio #loveisreal
RT @mewantf00d: Cuz if we keep workin, we can make it out of this place And I can keep on workin for as long as it takes @TwinForksMusic
RT @riffyou: Interview with @ChrisCarrabba of @TwinForksMusic http://t.co/8d0VgJmtNQ @dinealonemusic
Can’t wait! RT @MrsFarinas: Going to see @TwinForksMusic for the Nth time in Orlando at The Social on June 5th!
RT @ShowsIGoTo: TWIN FORKS!!! | #ORLANDO | Thursday June 5 | $12 | Get Tickets Now: http://t.co/dTUB2Pijk4 @TwinForksMusic @SocialOrlando
RT @audiotreemusic: You can now watch and download the @TwinForksMusic session here: http://t.co/gBOAg18clj !!! #audiotreelive
RT @cursedjewell: Talked to @ChrisCarrabba of @TwinForksMusic for KITHFOLK, a digital magazine by @Hearth_Music. https://t.co/cTtH7S8eBs
RT @dinealonemusic: The fine @TwinForksMusic treat @AudioTreeMusic to an incredible 7-song session! http://t.co/ZbJUzz0FG1 | Tour dates: ht…
RT @CONFRONTMag: In case you missed it, we spoke with @TwinForksMusic @ChrisCarrabba before their show in MTL http://t.co/2XDSIw3dOY
Thank you @audiotreemusic for this amazing acoustic session! Check it out! http://t.co/1g4IPk29Ag http://t.co/6rgl3XD76U
It is so real. Come say hello. RT @KrisIsAwesome: Just got my ticket to see @TwinForksMusic DC show in July. Can't wait. #loveisreal
RT @GatorAJ: Bought tickets to @TwinForksMusic in Gainesville at 1982 next week for me and my little sister. GET EXCITED.
RT @frankturner: Also, @corybranan is the greatest.
RT @JoeCaiati: Dream Tour: @TwinForksMusic and @madidiaz. Make it happen!
RT @Subway_Tracks: @TwinForksMusic @ChrisCarrabba stopped by The Subway Tracks to perform #backtoyou http://t.co/BX46mr7Qjl
RT @MissingPieceGrp: In case you missed this #indepth #interview with @ChrisCarrabba of @TwinForksMusic, here you go! @arenadotcom http://t…
Did you check out our our friends @CIVILIAN_sounds new video "Everybody's Hungry" yet? Get into it: https://t.co/jRb1Zyv4Sn
RT @followsthestars: This is why @BrittanyClayton and I are friends. We both share the same love of @TwinForksMusic http://t.co/eXix6Gw49p
RT @RJWS_: @ChrisCarrabba @TwinForksMusic remember I told u how u inspired me to push my acoustic project! 1st shows in July!Thanks for tha…
So we just got to listen to some songs @coreyjamesbost has been working on. Can't wait for his record to be done. You have no idea.
Hopefully we can bring our home town more pride than good ole LBJ... #loveisreal
Happy to spend my day with Trevor from my favorite band @facetofacemusic on his birthday. http://t.co/KEXMIhhxNu #birthdaysarereal
Really loved this interview! Check it out and let us know what you think! http://t.co/8kNLPgx1tl
RT @dinealonemusic: As the weather warms up, grab a bevy + chill with @TwinForksMusic. Grab the LP for just $6.99 on @Amazon this week! htt…
RT @theoryoferin: Was planning on picking up the new Coldplay CD today, but I bought the @TwinForksMusic album last night and I don't want …
Thanks! #loveisreal RT @_beetrix: My new fave song, right @ecinalf? @TwinForksMusic ♫ Who's Looking Out – Twin Forks http://t.co/saUAEwBNg6
@hello_vana Not totally sure yet but we’ll always be around before and after shows hanging out. Come say hello! #loveisreal
RT @RJWS_: Reppin' my @twinforksmusic Tee tonight ! #spreadingthelove @ChrisCarrabba http://t.co/RELMb3DrrY
RT @dinealonemusic: Fill your ears with the sweet sounds of @TwinForksMusic this week for just $6.99 on @Amazon! Get it here: http://t.co/e
RT @ChemistRachel: @TwinForksMusic this is how I know #loveisreal #siblinglove #brothers http://t.co/zbkZ1CRX6x
RT @MountainStage: Sunday 6/8- Culture Center in Charleston we welcome @TwinForksMusic @autumndefense @caseyneill @robbyhecht & Driftwood!
RT @MidwestSkies: Listening to @TwinForksMusic "scrapping up the pieces" and editing beach photos <3 http://t.co/Dq5WxIClmg
RT @manders_0509: Just introduced my momma to @TwinForksMusic .... Because I think everyone should be exposed to their amazingness ✌️
RT @Girl_Kyle: Seeing @TwinForksMusic at @rocknrollhotel on Jul 15 for the 3rd time this year! Thanks playing in #DC again! @District_Stella
RT @dstarpro: Review of @TwinForksMusic playing at @MOSCOTmusic here http://t.co/PTUdgFAvsx
RT @Rach88813: "@TwinForksMusic ticket Friday. Done. See you in July suckas!” Ha! Can’t wait!